Mrs.Lincoln Rocks!

Mrs.Lincoln Rocks!
"Girl Power!"

Article 3

Hello folks,

                 Mrs. Lincoln here letting you know that we are still on our journey across the country inspiring tomorrow’s leaders. Since I have written you we have visited ten more schools and have talked to thousands more children about not ever giving up on their pursuits of their dreams. Children all over the country are unaware of how blessed they are to live in a country that allows them to have an education and a voice to be heard. Most all of the schools have received us with smiles and some have greeted us with a welcome befitting the President and his wife. One school in West Virginia, Buffalo Elementary, even had a festival for the Civil War days.  One of my favorite schools was St. Michael Arch angel, in Levittown, PA.  had a spread of food to greet us and the parents to share the day together. The chorus sang to us so beautifully I wept with Joy as the tiny voices filled the air to welcome us there. One day we even visited with two schools on the same day. Most of the schools pick some of their most talented children to eat lunch with us. At St. Helena’s in Edison, NJ we had a wonderful lunch with the students and discussed how they can make a difference and bring about world peace.

                 Abe continues to amaze the teachers and principals alike as his resemblance of the real Abraham Lincoln is uncanny. One even said that she for a moment forgot that he was an actor and she had really stepped back into time. His words captivate them and you could hear a pin drop as he tells the stories of his life in his own words. How he never gave up thru all the heartaches and failures to become the greatest President in the greatest country in the world.

                 Most of the children are amazed by the fact that even in this day and time girls are still not allowed to go to school and study and become what they want to be. I encourage them to take advantage of these privileges and to study real hard so that they may one day change the world. The girls come up to me and thank me for letting them know that they to have a voice and want to be heard and they have Girl Power. That is all that any of us want. We all want to be validated.    

                 I have chosen my words carefully because I was given limitation. Of course that has been that way for centuries. Women have either been limited on the number of words they use or told that we have no voice here. Women have been held back, used and abused, raped and tortured by the very men they trusted to love and protect them. They have been betrayed and destroyed by women they felt should be their allies.  When a man or women blesses the Goddess self, they are then the image of God. God is love. God’s and Goddesses alike have forgotten their true place in the world of love. To reject the Goddess is to reject Motherhood itself. We are the mothers of this planet bringing life and love to a place that sees death and destruction on massive scales by those that claim their messages come from God. I will no longer accept that I am powerless against it. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I Have “Girl Power”! Goddesses Inspiring Real Love Peaceful Order Warriors Encouraging Rebirth. You may limit me or try and silence me but you will never take away what God has given me. His unconditional Divine Love that makes me the Goddess that I am. Please keep us in your prayers.

God bless you all until next time,        Mrs. Lincoln

                                                                 A.K.A Reverend Xylona