Mrs.Lincoln Rocks!

Mrs.Lincoln Rocks!
"Girl Power!"

Girl Power Club Project #1

Girl Power Club Project #1

We will be making Girl Power Club Posters to encourage others girls to join the club and remember their Power!

List of materials:

1.       Markers

2.       Crayons

3.       Poster board paper

4.       Stencils

5.       Any craft supplies available

6.       Tape or pins to hang posters

7.       Magazine pictures or photos of girls and women that have done great things or that look like they are having fun!

·         Have fun creating these posters to encourage other girls to be the best Girls they can be! Ask your Principal if you can hang them in the school. Get creative and enjoy. Take pictures of the posters and the girls that make them and let me know how it goes. You can even have a friendly competition and let the school vote on the poster they like the best! That way we know they are paying attention to the Girl Power Club!

Thank you Girls for all your hard work! Peace, Love and Girl Power, Mrs. Lincoln